At Robert Moore School we believe that:

All students can learn, be successful and achieve to their potential. Student achievement is optimized when teaching addresses the learner's developmental level and learning style through differentiated instruction. All members of the school community must feel safe, respected and included. An open and positive partnership between home, school and community supports student achievement. Unique extra-curricular activities and opportunities will enhance the learning environment for our students.

November's Character Trait - COURAGE
I will stand up for my beliefs and principles and face challenges, fear and difficulty with fortitude. 

What is Courage?
Courage is demonstrated by people who stand up for what they believe in their heart to be the right thing to do, even when others don't support them and might try to convince them that they are wrong. 

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What's Happening

Walking For Terry
Terry Fox Walk
Posted on 09/29/2017
Grade 4 students Rachel Ste. Croix, left, Gemma Perreault, Alexis Latter, and Olivia Handberg participated in Robert Moore School's Terry Fox Walk/Run ...
Orange Shirt Day
Orange Shirt Day
Posted on 09/29/2017
Students and staff at several schools took part in Every Child Matters - Orange Shirt Day last week to honour the survivors of the Residential School ...

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Morning Bell 8:50 am
School Starts 8:55 am
First Nutrition Break 10:43-11:28 am
Second Nutrition Break 1:04-1:49 pm
Dismissal Bell 3:25 pm