At Robert Moore School we believe that:

All students can learn, be successful and achieve to their potential. Student achievement is optimized when teaching addresses the learner's developmental level and learning style through differentiated instruction. All members of the school community must feel safe, respected and included. An open and positive partnership between home, school and community supports student achievement. Unique extra-curricular activities and opportunities will enhance the learning environment for our students.

September Character Trait - RESPECT 
I will treat myself and others with consideration, high regard, courtesy and dignity. 

What is Respect?
We respect ourselves and treat others with courtesy, dignity, and positive regard. We honor the rights of others. We respect their belongings, the environment and the world around us. Respect can be shown in many little ways and, if we want our children to be respectful, the best way to achieve that is to model respectful behaviour for them. 

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What's happening in our school board

The HERE campaign aims to build awareness and provide communication tools to help improve attendance in our schools.
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Bell Times

Morning Bell 8:50 am
School Starts 8:55 am
First Nutrition Break 10:43-11:28 am
Second Nutrition Break 1:04-1:49 pm
Dismissal Bell 3:25 pm