School Information

Safe Arrivals Procedure

It is important that student absences are accounted for in all schools of the RRDSB. If a student is to be late or absent, parents/guardians are asked to call the school at 807-274-9818 or text 807-276. Parents may leave a message on the school voice-mail system stating their child’s absence. Please include your child’s first and last names and grade. Please call the office as opposed to communicating with your child’s teacher. Thank you! If the school has not been notified that the student will be absent from school, we will call or text and check on daily student absences. Notes or phone calls are requested for lates or absenteeism, for early dismissal, for an appointment, or for permission to be picked up by someone other than parent/guardian. Identification may be requested. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Principal/Vice Principal

Shane Beckett- Principal 
Charlayne Bliss - Principal 

Staff Listing

Kelsey Dillon - Secretary
Sara DeGagne - Secretary
Bailey Oliver - JK/SK Rebecca Selman - ECE
Jennifer Burns - JK/SK Jenn DuCharme - ECE
Ali Simpson- JK/SK        
Coral Schallock- JK/SK
Becky Booth - Gr. 1
Tena Enge - Gr. 1
Amber Hughes - Gr. 2
Barb Eldridge- Gr. 2
Alexis Norris - Gr. 3
Priscilla Miller - Gr. 3
Michael McCaig- Gr. 4
Ronald Cameron - Gr. 4
Chantel Gallagher - Gr. 5
Megan Kendell- Gr. 5
Peter Lebel- Gr. 5/6
Amanda Luck - Gr. 6

Lisa McCart - SERT (Special Education Resource Teacher)
Sarah Freeman-Kivimaki - SERT 
Tammy Thibault - Literacy Lead
Debra Ross - Prep/Literacy Intervention
Colette Bowles - Prep/Literacy Intervention
Claudette Bruyere - NSL
Julie St. Croix - FSL
Susan Mosbeck - Autism Support Worker
Erin Deschamps - Autism Support Worker
Kirsten Boyer - Autism Support Worker
Mandi Sivonen- Autism Support Worker
Rebecca Tolen - Youth Outreach Worker
Alexis Saltmarsh - Behavioural Therapist
Kailey Yellowega - Communications Assistant
Maureen Hayward - Communications Assistant
Jillian Kaun - Library Assistant

RRDSB Education Support Personnel:
Kathleen Matheson
Charlene Brubacher        Ally McNally
Kristina Randell Crystal Smith      
RaeAnn Lundy Dawn Dickson
Sidra Anwar                         Erica Mathews
Madi Godin                          Marla Fedeniuk
Paige McKay                       Ron MacKinnon
Sydney Mondor
Tiffany Gibbons        

Couchiching Support Personnel:
Sherry Brandrick
Daphne Sharpe
Dan Yerxa
Pam McTaggart

7 Generations Support Personnel:
Melissa Gushulak Darlene Adams

Kevin Schultz
Dan Livingstone
Randy Bedard

Red Gut:
Ellayna Kabel

Note: Email addresses of all staff are [email protected]